About us

Hi,I am Rameesha,the founder of “Giftery".I have recently published styleiseternal website on wordpress.I am a beginner in blogging industry but your prayers and motivation will turn me around.I hold degree in majors in marketing and minor in social sciences.Giftery is one of those gift shops which involves love and care can change anything in the world.Hence Giftery is more of a point of introducing connected world


Some of the portfolios you will be finding in my shop are as follows gifts for children


I want to bring in notice different upcoming trends in business specially for people aspiring to purchase jewellery.I will share different jewellery  gifts product for people who wants to give beautiful and elegant presents to their loved ones.


In addition to my expertise as a perfectionist and idealistic marketer,I introduced “Giftery” as an amazing platform and opportunity to share ideas for perfect homedecor  with pretty bookets for perfect hearth
I will also contribute partial earnings in non profit organizations.