Using lush naked skin products

With precedence of eight years around 2018,Urban decay introduced one of biggest game changers in modern cosmetics.If you are not familiar with answer take a second and guess.For those didn't reach conclusion yet its Naked Palette"Throws hands in air"

     According to one of urban decay's founders,Zomnir,this palette had its roots in simple question.She asked her team. "Which four eyeshadows they would take on deserted island?.She interrogated this to herself.When they reunited after fewdays they shared "cant live without colours and an ethereal dreamy pallet was evolved

      Everyone took a second and thanked OG urban decay for introducing urban palette.If it weren't for them they wouldn't be greatful for plethora of pallets that are emerging from so many brands now

       The Naked truly took off,as it contained subtle colours.The enhances every shade from taupe,mahagony and even blue.There is homogenity in finishes,shimmery,satin and matte.This discriminates Naked from other companies.Every makeup company out there was,crying shame ruminating why didnt they come with this  first.Following this many naked companies  launched their own version of naked pallet.

     Who knew that a set of nude eyeshadows would keep other companies in such wonder Some very famous woman who aspire for pallet publicly such as kate Middleton and Michelle Obama the visibility of Pallete proliferated