Glitter Eyeshadow Palette

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  • , Shimmer eyeshadows have different contrasts  under the night light.
  • Made from a healthy formula that is highly appropriate for all skins
  • ✦Long Lasting Waterproof: vibrant  color, strong endurance, strong mixing potential, safe for sensitive skin,no worries of smearing.It gives full coverage in single stroke
  • ✦ Soft and Easy to Apply: velvety smooth and user friendly.Give glamorous look
  • ✦ Suitable for Different Occasions: . Suitable for different occasions, such as bridal showers,tea parties,exhibitions,.
  • ✦Service Assurance: We give guarantee that our quality and service remain efficient and consistent. Because eye shadow is a fragile item,and if get broken during delivery dissatisfied client can ask for refund.